Máire Treanor, Author of Clones Lace

Clones Lace is an Irish Crochet lace, named after the town where it was marketed, developing its own character since 1847. Cassandra Hand, wife of the local Church of Irelnd minister, introduced this lace, inspired by Venetian needlepoint lace, as a famine relief project to the small drumlin region of west Monaghan and southeast Fermanagh, at the height of the Great Irish Famine.

The Clones people soon made it their own, imitating the flowers that grew in the area. By 1850 there were 1500 lace makers in a 30 mile radius of Clones, supplying markets in Dublin, London, Paris, Rome and New York.

Máire Treanor has been making Clones Lace since she first came to Clones from Armagh in 1988. In 2002 Mercier Press published her book: Clones Lace – the story and patterns of an Irish Crochet, which was republished by Lacis in Berkeley SF in 2010. She loves to pass on this wonderful craft to others and teach it at workshops, especially in Clones, her source of inspiration, ensuring another generation of Clones Lace makers.