Wednesday 21st March 8:00 pm

Bishop Michael Smith was a student in Rome in the period 1962-65 when the Second Vatican Council took place. He attended all 168 sessions of the Council, where he worked as a note taker. He can now be said to be one of a dwindling band of witnesses who were present at the entire Council. The lecture will focus in the first place on what can be called the prehistory of the Council, the almost 100 years of what was in fact preparation for the Council. Two previous Popes (before Pope John XXIII) had expended considerable time and energy preparing for a Council, but the idea was abandoned after much work. The lecture will also highlight some of the pivotal moments during the four years of the Council, moments that decided the course that it would take. 

Bishop Michael Smith was born in Oldcastle, Co. Meath in 1940. He was educated at Gilson National School, Oldcastle and at St. Finian’s College, Mullingar. He studied for the priesthood in the Irish College, Rome. He was ordained priest in March 1963. He was conferred with a Doctorate in Canon Law by the Lateran University, Rome in 1966. He was appointed Bishop in November 1983.