Tuesday, 25 October, 8pm

The Anglo-Norman town and castle at Rindoon, co. Roscommon were founded in the late 1220’s. The settlement was deserted by the mid-14th century, and the complex is regarded as one of the best examples of a deserted medieval town in Western Europe. This lecture will explore the different elements that made up the town, paying particular attention to the castle and its associated landscape.

Kieran O’Conor

Dr. Kieran O’Conor is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Archaeology, NUI, Galway. He has published widely on the subject of castles, on medieval rural settlement and on medieval Gaelic Ireland, and he lectures regularly in America, Britain and Europe. He is currently President of Chateau Gaillard – the European castle studies research cluster – and has recently been awarded a prestigious Samuel H. Kress lectureship by the Archaeological Institute of America for the academic year 2017-18. 

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