Tuesday 21 March, 8pm

Much important and exciting work has been conducted on Tara by archaeologists and students of mythology. Historians have also examined its importance in relation to kingship and the politics of early Ireland. Despite all of this it is difficult to imagine the role of Tara in the early historic centuries. What was its position relative to the church? This and other issues will be addressed in the lecture to see how Tara was imagined by various parties in pre-Norman Ireland.

Charles Doherty was until recently Senior Lecturer in Early Irish History in the School of History and Archives, UCD. Since 2009 he has been president of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. He spent the year 2012-13 in the Centre for Advanced Study of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Oslo, working on a historical project with an international team. The result of the project has now been published in book form, edited by Jan Erik Rekdal and Charles Doherty himself under the title King and warrior in early north-west Europe (Four Courts Press, 2016). His other main interests are hagiography and the kingship of Tara.