A Christian Witness Seminar

Saturday 19-Sunday 20, October 2019

This two-day residential seminar for women aims to inspire you to live the Catholic faith in today’s world and to help you live a better and fuller life by exploring current issues.


€175; €150 (Before Sept 15th)
Students: €80; €65 (Before Sept 15th)


For more information contact:
Marta Prados
Tel: 0860639906
Email: cws2019@gmail.com

Would you like good things to happen to you?  

We live stressful lives, often full of insecurities that threaten our capacity to enjoy and get the best out of life.  

In this seminar, drawing on her extensive research, Marian Rojas will show you how to make good things happen to you.  You will learn how your mind works and how to educate and negotiate your emotions and prevent them hijacking your happiness.  She believes we must reclaim the good things in life, by actively searching for them and creating the spaces and conditions where they can thrive.  

Una McSorley will complete the picture by showing us how best to manage difficult conversations both at the personal and professional level, so as to build harmonious and happy relationships at home and at work.

What does it consist of?

As well as stimulating talks there will be opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences with others who, like you, want to integrate their faith into their professional, social and family lives.

During the seminar, there will be time to learn more about activities and projects in which members and co-operators of Opus Dei are involved.  These activities aim to serve society, finding their inspiration in Christian values.

Marián Rojas is a psychiatrist and author of ‘How to make good things happen to you, understand your mind, negotiate your emotions and improve your life’ (*).  She has spoken extensively in various countries about happiness, managing stress, work-life balance, family etc.  She is a visiting lecturer in IPADE school of business in Mexico. This year she launched Illusio, a consultancy for businesses which helps busy people find joy and fulfilment in their work and balance in their lives, drawing on a combination of neuroscience and business acumen.

In her talks, Marian draws on scientific and psychological research as well as extensive professional experience.  She offers deep insights sprinkled with practical advice on how to harness one’s own emotions to live a full and happy life.  She explains how one can optimise specific areas of the brain, set goals in life, exercise one’s will, be emotionally intelligent, develop healthy assertiveness, avoid harmful self-criticism and reclaim the role of optimism.

*(this is a translation of the Spanish title). 

Una McSorley is the founder and Managing Director of Marcomm. Her expertise is in communications skills, development and executive coaching.

Una is an accredited coach and a Member of the Association for Coaching. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and is their only Approved Trainer in Ireland. She has spoken extensively on the topic of communication to professionals of different sectors.  She co-authored: ‘It’s a zoo around here, New Rules for Better Communication’. This  is a humorous guide to better communication in the workplace. In this book Nigel Risner and Una use four different animals to represent different personality types. They explain how you can become a more effective communicator by recognizing the variety of communication styles used by the animals in your zoo and adapting your strategy accordingly.