Wednesday 18th October 8 pm

Climate science, climate policy and climate justice have become increasingly intertwined, and have gained considerable traction in the public consciousness as awareness of the shortening timescales for effective action has become clear. While many countries have responded to the threat by taking effective actions to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, Ireland is currently increasing its emissions and is now one of the world’s highest greenhouse gas emitters on a per capita basis. This talk will examine the impact of climate change for Ireland, and will discuss why it is on course to fail its international obligations.

John Sweeney, Professor emeritus, is a climate scientist who has worked on climate change issues for almost 40 years at Maynooth University. He has published over 100 publications on this and related topics. He has served as President of the Irish Meteorological Society, of the Geographical Society of Ireland and of An Taisce, as well as being Irish national representative on a number of European bodies. He was a contributing author and review editor to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 4th Assessment Report; he is a regular attendee at the UN climate conferences, as well as  being a regular contributor to print and  broadcast media.