Especially in times of trial, we need to return to those luminous moments when we experienced the Lord’s call to devote our lives to his service.

Pope Francis

Letter to Priests, 2019

Let ourselves be renewed by the love of God

“He who lives the Exercises in an authentic way experiences the attraction and the appeal of God, and returns renewed, transformed in ordinary life, in ministry, in daily relationships, bringing with him the fragrance of Christ”. Pope Francis.

A retreat is “an invitation to take a distance from the noisiness of everyday life in order to immerse oneself in God’s presence. He desires to hand down to us, each day, a Word that penetrates the depths of our spirit, where we discern good from evil (cf. Heb 4:12), reinforcing our will to follow the Lord” (Benedict XVI).



Monday 18 (9pm) – Friday 22 (10am) 


Monday 10 (9pm) – Friday 14 (10am)

APRIL 2020

Monday 20 (9pm) – Friday 24 (10am) 

The retreat will be preached by a priest of the Opus Dei Prelature and will also include plenty of time for silence and private prayer.


250 €