Friday, 23 September 2016
09:30 – 19:00

Balancing work, family and life
helping businesses meet this
global workforce challenge

Using Harvard Business Review case study:

Mommy-Track Backlash


Brita Hektoen

Professor of Managing People in Organisations,
San Telmo International Institute Seville.    


John Hunt

Managing Director of TEG, providing tailor-made solutions
to the aviation, biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical  industries.



Harvard Business Review case study:

Mommy-Track Backlash

Jessica Gonon is vice president of sales and customer support at ClarityBase, which sells large database applications in the US. One of her account managers has been working a reduced schedule for nearly two years: when hired, she had requested Fridays off to spend time with her two young boys, and that had been agreed. Last week another account manager had made a similar request: a world-class athlete, he wanted a lighter workload so he could train for the Ironman Triathlon World Championship. He was asked to wait for a couple weeks to allow the company to figure out how it might accommodate his training schedule. Now, another account manager had requested a lighter workload: she wanted a four-day workweek, and for that she was willing to take a corresponding 20% cut in salary, but she had declined to explain why she wanted the reduced hours, citing “personal reasons.” It looks as if Jessica is facing a kind of organisational firestorm. What should she do? How can a company maintain productivity and yet meet its staff’s needs for flexible work schedules?

This module is the sixth in a six-module course,
where each module can be attended on its own.

Brita Hektoen is Professor of Managing People in Organisations at the San Telmo International Institute in Seville, where she has lectured since 2007.
She taught previously at EADA Business School in Barcelona, and at the University of Girona. Her areas of interest are organisational behaviour, leadership, and personal productivity training.
She has held the position of Executive Director of the MBA programme at three business schools in Spain: EADA, IESE and San Telmo.
Born in Norway, she has a degree in business administration from Trondheim University, and in international marketing from the German Institute of International Trade in Bremen, as well as an MBA from IESE. Recently, she was awarded a PhD by the University of Seville where her thesis focussed on Women on Boards and Firm Performance: Faultline and Cultural Context Effects.
       Before moving to Spain, she worked for three years as marketing manager at Scandinavian Travel Gallery in Oslo. She is married and the mother of three children.

John Hunt is Managing Director of TEG, a specialist engineering services’ company providing tailor-made solutions to the aviation, biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries. Headquartered in Mullingar, the company supports clients in over 30 countries with fast and effective solutions.
TEG is approved to manufacture new aircraft parts up to and including primary structural elements. Such responsibility and accountability requires a high level of discipline, expertise and training.
The same techniques are used by TEG to supply the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry with custom-designed wash racks for sterile fill parts and format change parts for solid dose blister packing.
As a privately owned company, TEG has a shareholder commitment to reinvest 100% of annual earnings into capital equipment, business development and training. This enables TEG to take a long-term view for the development of the business. The tag line of TEG is ‘We are integral’.
Recognising the need for skilled staff availability to support the business, TEG adopts the apprenticeship system of training. Each year the company recruits 5 new apprentices for an intensive 4-year training program in toolmaking.


Why Attend?It will help you identify the strong and weak points of your leadership skills, and allow you to find ways to empower others in your organisation to reach their full potential.

Fee€190 / £160 per module

Members of the following institutions included their attendance at the seminars as part of their Continuing Professional Development:

  • Chartered Accountants Ireland
  • The Law Society
  • The Institute of Bankers
  • The Chartered Association of Certified Accountants

Everyone who completes the two-year programme, or who attends 6 modules, will receive a certificate from the Lismullin Institute.