About the Retreats

Lismullin Conference Centre

There are two chapels in the Lismullin complex, one in the main Lismullin Conference Centre building and the other in Lismullin House.
Mass is celebrated every morning of the retreat and also exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (Benediction)

There are confessionals in both Chapels for those who wish to avail of the sacrament of confession.

Lismullin complex has 44 single rooms, each with an ensuite bathroom.

The staff at Lismullin aim to ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible

The facilities help those attending a retreat to relax and take time out from a busy schedule or a demanding job.

Why do a Retreat?

Wouldn’t you like to take ‘time-out’ from the busy pace of life? A retreat gives you time and space to reflect on where your life is going. Just in the same way as Jesus took his disciples far from the crowds to teach and strenghten them in their faith, today He still invites us to come away and spend time with Him.