Leadership Forums

What is the Forum?

The Forum is a network set up by business executives to help one another in developing a leadership ethos that succeeds. It fosters initiatives which inspire people to become better leaders and to learn from the experiences of one another. Professional integrity and ethics play a vital role in creating a leadership ethos. A practical ethical guideline used in the Forum is that formulated by stakeholder-management expert Edward Freeman: “The Rule of Ben, Emma and Molly (his three children): Can I explain to them what I’ve done today, so they might feel proud of their father?”

The main interactions of the Forum take place during day-long seminars which are led by an expert. The Chatham House Rule applies to the seminars. Ireland today needs a crusade of personal leadership — to revitalise hopes, to move beyond survival mode, to foster a culture of job creation and create a better ethical framework for business. The Forum aims to help in this process.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to help people develop their leadership skills, with a particular focus in the areas of professional integrity and ethics in business.

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