The “Wild Geese”

The “Wild Geese”, the Irish Colleges on the continent, and the Irish language in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

Thursday 29 October 2015, 8 pm

It is well known that there were very many Irish émigrés on the European continental mainland in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries because of both political instability and religious persecution at home. These émigrés were known as the “Wild Geese”. This lecture will discuss aspects of the history of the “Wild Geese”, with particular reference to their places of origin in Ireland. It will also discuss some evidence of the use of the Irish language among the émigrés during that period.

Diarmaid Ó Catháin is a solicitor and practices in Cork city. He has published widely on Irish history, and is a contributor to the Dictionary of Irish Biography. He has a particular interest in the literary tradition and in the transmission of learning in the eighteenth century, both in Ireland itself and also among the émigrés on the European mainland -  including in the Irish Continental Colleges of that period.

The Wild Geese - Notes
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